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Cat cafe johor

Caramel Pussy Attack

A delicious blend of caramel, coffee and milk topped with Ice-cream and caramel, drizzle with Crushed biscoff and corn flakes

Kafe kucing johor

Chocolate Persian Perfection

Heaven Coffee drink blended with rich chocolate,fresh milk,condensed milk and ice topped with chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, coffee powder, chocolate rice and choco crunch

Kafe kucing johor
Cats cafe johor


Whisker Wonderland

Blend of ice milo, condensed milk,

 fresh milk OREO Biscuit, topped

with vanilla icecream, oreo biscuit,

choco crunch and with a

tantalising drizzle of chocolate syrup

A delicious blend of ice milo, milk and chocolate sticks topped with choco ice cream, choco syrup, milo powder and drizzle with chocolate crunch

petting zoo johor

Vanilla Velvet

Coffee blend with fresh milk, condensed milk, ice and topped with vanilla ice cream, coffee powder,choco syrup

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